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SIM Only Deals Comparison compares all of the current 1 month, 12 month and 24 month sim only contract deals available on the market today and provides easy to read best buy tables for categories such as £10 sim only deals, £20 sim only deals, unlimited text sim only deals, network specific sim only deals and also best overall value sim deals on offer.

You maybe surprised to learn that you can get a SIM only deal for only £22 per month which will give you unlimited free data. See our SIM only best buy comparison table below.

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Network Operator Package Name Contract Duration Included Minutes Included Texts Added Extras Monthly Cost More Info
3 mobile Three Advanced Unlimited Data SIM Only 12 Mths 12 Months Unlimited Unlimited Free unlimited 4G data, roaming & personal Hotspot £22.00 see deal
EE 20GB EE SIM Only 12 months Unlimited Unlimited 20GB of EE UK 4G (up to 60mbps) + EU roaming £21.00 see deal
Vodafone Vodafone Red Entertainment SIM Only 35GB Plan 12 months Unlimited Unlimited 35GB of 4G data free + roaming + choice of free Spotify, Prime Video, Now TV £28.00 see deal
Virgin Mobile Virgin SIM Only 50GB 12 months 5000 Unlimited 50GB 4G data allowance free £20.00 see deal
Tesco Mobile Tesco Mobile SIM Only 15GB 12 months 5000 5000 15GB of 4G data free £15.00 see deal

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Why choose a SIM only contract?

You can have the flexibility of a 30 day contract. This is in contrast to a minimum of a 12 month or up to 24 month plan for standard mobile phone contracts. SIM only deals are great because for instance if you wanted to change to another deal on offer you would only need to give you current provider 30 days notice and you could then move to a better contract deal with no penalties. If you tried to change to a new deal on a standard mobile phone contract halfway through your contract, you would still be liable for the remainder of the fees remaining on the contract.

SIM only contracts offer the most competitively priced tariffs in the mobile phone industry today. The reason for this is that the phone networks only need to provide you with the sim card itself rather than having to supply a phone as well. SIM cards are extremely cheap to manufacture, whereas today’s Smartphone’s cost several hundred pounds the cost of which is often subsidised by the networks to get you to take out a long contract whereby they can recoup the costs through call charges. By taking out the cost of the phone, networks can charge the most competitively priced tariffs. You will be surprised at just what benefits you can get on a £10 SIM only, £15 SIM only or £20 SIM only contract.

By choosing one of our SIM only deals you can keep your current mobile phone. This means that you do not need to learn how to use a new phone, or move all your contacts and pictures onto a new handset because all you need to do with “SIM only” is to plug your new SIM card into your phone. Why should you change your phone if you are happy with the one you currently have?

SIM only deals are offered by all of the major mobile phone networks, EEOrange, Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, 3 and Virgin Mobile and there are a huge range of different plans on offer at various different price points starting at less than £10 per month up to £35 per month. If you prefer to chat, text or use the Internet on your phone you are bound to find a SIM only plan to suit your needs.

Calculating your likely data usage

In order to ensure that you are taking out the right tariff to suit your needs it may be helpful to think about how your anticipated usage translates into actual data use. To assist you in this process we have included the following information in terms of how much data certain actions that you may carry out are likely to require. Please click here for more information on predicting your mobile data usage.