Thursday, May 30, 2024

3 – The One Plan

The SIM only One Plan by 3 is the flagship SIM only offering on the 3 network.

It is aimed at premium, intensive phone users that rely on high levels of free texts, free minutes and free Internet access. The One Plan is very much a ground breaking SIM only tariff in that it caters for pretty much everything a high end user would require in a SIM only deal – all for only £18 per month.

3 have taken the unprecedented step of introducing truly unlimited data transfer on The One Plan. This is in the face of many other mobile operators scaling back their data allowances. The 3 network has a very large and technically capable 3G network and they are clearly confident that they can withstand data hungry customers such as iPhone and high end smart phone owners by offering all you can eat data. This is a smart move by 3 and differentiates this SIM only product from virtually every other SIM only deal on the market today. If you are a smart phone user that requires high levels of talk, text and data access then The One Plan from 3 is currently one of the best value SIM only plans available at the moment, with the added benefit that you have the flexibility of a 30 day rolling contract.

One Plan SIM only tariff details:

From £18 per month on a 30 day rolling contract

  • 2,000 anytime, any network free minutes per month
  • 5,000 three-to-three free minutes per month
  • 5,000 text messages per month
  • Unlimited data transfer per month
  • Free voicemail

To get the kind of call allowances included as standard within the new SIM only One Plan you will have had to pay £60+ per month in the past.

The One Plan is a particularly good option when paired with a data hungry iPhone 4 or smartphone.

3 are currently setting the standard for great value high end SIM only deals.

See more details on the SIM only One Plan by 3 for iPhones or the SIM only One Plan by 3 for smartphones

* UPDATE – Unfortunately, Three have stopped offering The One Plan to customers. We have linked on this page to the closest SIM plan currently on offer from Three to The One Plan for your convenience – this plan also offers unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and tethering (capped at 4GB per month). See here for more details.

Review date – 9th May 2011
Updated review – January 2015