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Vodafone 4G SIM Only Deals

Vodafone ukVodafone have launched their 4G SIM only service to residents in London with a view to increasing their 4G range to include coverage in several other cities by the end of 2013.

4G can provide speeds on your mobile up to 10 times faster than traditional 3G services and Vodafone have made sure that their 4G SIM products include some very enticing consumer offers that include services such as free Sky Sports on your mobile and free Spotify Premium for all your music needs on the go.

To ensure that you are getting the fastest 4G contract you need to look for Vodafone Red contracts. SIM plans that feature the “Red” name include various freebies and premium features such as the impressive Vodafone 5 Star Care service.

What phone will work on a Vodafone Red 4G SIM only contract?

If you have a modern medium to high end smartphone it is most likely that 4G will come as standard as part of the phone but just to be sure have a look at the current list which can be found here.

As a guide, if you have an iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy SII LTE, Samsung Galaxy 4, various different types of the HTC One, as well as the modern versions of the Sony Xperia you will be able to get a 4G contract, but make sure you confirm by taking a look at the comprehensive list as there are a number of additional phones that will support 4G signals.

4G SIM Only Deals from Vodafone

Our comparison table below shows the latest Vodafone Red 4G SIM only deals available direct from Vodafone online –

Network Operator Package Name Contract Duration Included Minutes Included Texts Added Extras Monthly Cost More Info
Vodafone Vodafone Red Extra SIM Only 25GB Plan 12 months Unlimited Unlimited 25GB of 4G data free + roaming £21.00 see deal
Vodafone Vodafone Red Entertainment SIM Only 35GB Plan 12 months Unlimited Unlimited 35GB of 4G data free + roaming + choice of free Spotify, Prime Video, Now TV £28.00 see deal
Vodafone Vodafone Red Entertainment SIM Only 50GB Plan 12 months Unlimited Unlimited 50GB of 4G data free + roaming + choice of free Spotify, Prime Video, Now TV £32.00 see deal
Vodafone Vodafone Red Entertainment SIM Only 80GB Plan 12 months Unlimited Unlimited 80GB of 4G data free + roaming + choice of free Spotify, Prime Video, Now TV £37.00 see deal

Why buy a Vodafone Red 4G contract?

Vodafone Red contracts are at the top end of the market and feature as standard a range of attractive features. Some of the reasons why you should get a Vodafone Red contract are –

Vodafone Red SIM only contracts are 4G phone contracts. This means you will get the fastest downloads available and be able to stream TV or music very comfortably compared to the slower 3G services on offer. In fact, you can expect 4G services to be up to 10x faster than the equivalent 3G signal.

The contracts all include unlimited texts and unlimited call minutes so you don’t need to worry about exceeding call allowances and getting call charges added to your bill.

The top contract includes a hefty 6GB of free data transfer which should be more than enough for even the most data hungry of users.

In addition to the free mobile data, Vodafone also offer free UK WiFi usage.

The free entertainment packages that come with the Red contracts are very appealing for music and sports fans. You can choose to have free Spotify Premium or mobile sports from Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 (see here for details, terms, and compatible devices).

You can also look forward to the Vodafone 5 Star Care service which is designed to make the duration of your contract as stress free as possible. The five central aspects to the 5 Star Care plan include –

  • The start – You can go into any Vodafone shop and use a Vodafone Red Box to transfer all of you stuff from your old phone onto your new phone with no hassle (if you are upgrading to a new phone).
  • Protected – All of your important information can be backed up to the Vodafone Cloud which is a secure and convenient online location that backs up your important data. The Vodafone Protect online portal also helps you if your phone has been lost by allowing you to lock and wipe the contents from the phone remotely. In addition there is a 24/7 customer support phone line that can help with lost phone support enquiries.
  • Help – There is in-store or telephone support with technical support advisors should there be a problem with your phone.
  • Temporary replacement – Should your phone start to misbehave, provided that the phone was bought from Vodafone they will lend you a smartphone whilst your phone is being repaired.
  • Early upgrades – Vodafone Red contracts allow customers to upgrade at least 60 days before the contract ends.

Vodafone Red FAQ’s

If you have a questions about the Vodafone Red SIM only deals take a look below at our regularly asked questions section.

How do I activate my entertainment pack?

Once your 4G SIM contract has been enabled you will receive a text message from Vodafone which explains what you must do in order to choose your free Spotify or Sky Sports service. Please note that the entertainment packs will only work on certain devices so check the compatibility list to make sure that your phone will work.

Where can I get a Vodafone 4G signal?

4G is currently only available in London because the service has just been launched. In the coming months, Vodafone will widen the 4G signal to include 12 large cities and towns. They expect the following cities to have access to Vodafone 4G by September 2013 – Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield. Use the Vodafone online signal checker to see how strong the 4G signal is in your area.