Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Tesco Mobile SIM Only Deals

Tesco Mobile are an award winning provider of SIM only and mobile phone contracts with a user base of well over 4 million customers.

Tesco’s network operates on the O2 network which means there is phone coverage for 99% of the UK population – but you can use the coverage checker on the Tesco Mobile site to see that your specific location has good coverage. They offer a range of SIM only plans to choose from ranging from £7.50 per month through to £30 for high levels of free texts, free minutes and free data.

If you are looking to keep your existing number you can do so if you switch to a Tesco SIM only contract. Also you can use your existing mobile device as a hotspot to tether with Tesco Mobile at no extra cost. This is great news because tethering your phone to another mobile device will allow you to use the fast Tesco 4G data service on the other device. There are Tesco SIM only deals that offer up to 30GB of inclusive data, not quite unlimited data, but a healthy amount and certainly enough to tether a device for some time. Just remember that when tethering you are using your inclusive data allowance so be watchful about how much data you are using or consider capping your monthly bill.

There are a lot of things to like about the SIM only plans on offer from Tesco, principally the low prices but other highlights include –

Tesco Mobile Highlights

  • Very cheap SIM only prices with generous call, text and data allowances
  • Multi award winning service (Which? Recommended Provider and uSwitch Best Customer Support award)
  • Bills can be capped so you won’t get any nasty surprises on your monthly bill
  • Tesco Mobile have a UK based call centre


Network Operator Package Name Contract Duration Included Minutes Included Texts Added Extras Monthly Cost More Info
Tesco Mobile Tesco Mobile SIM Only 1GB 12 months 500 5000 1GB of 4G data free £7.50 see deal
Tesco Mobile Tesco Mobile SIM Only 4GB 12 months 500 5000 4GB of 4G data free £10.00 see deal
Tesco Mobile Tesco Mobile SIM Only 8GB 12 months 5000 5000 8GB of 4G data free £12.50 see deal
Tesco Mobile Tesco Mobile SIM Only 15GB 12 months 5000 5000 15GB of 4G data free £15.00 see deal

About Tesco Mobile Bill Capping

Tesco Mobile offer a useful bill capping service which means you should never pay more on your monthly bill than you expect.

Here’s how it works. You select a SIM only tariff, for example, £15 per month and when you are purchasing this contract online you will be given the option to select “Yes, cap my bill”. When you click the cap my bill button you will be able to set a safety buffer around the £15 contract of your choosing (say you choose a buffer of £5). This means you will never be able to spend more than the £15 contract + £5 buffer in any month so your monthly bill will never be higher than £20 per month (provided you do not use things that are not included in your contract such as picture calls or phone calls from abroad, etc.)

You may find that you are hitting your bill cap early each month so if this is the case you may need to alter the safety buffer to a higher amount. If you need to change your bill cap you can do this easily by logging into your Tesco Mobile online account.

When you are approaching your bill cap Tesco Mobile will send you a text message to inform you, as they also do when you are getting close to your monthly allotted free minutes, free texts or free data. If you hit your bill cap but still have free minutes, texts or data left you can use them as normal but just won’t be able to use any services that are not included in your plan that would incur a cost.

If you hit your bill cap and you need to use services that incur a cost you can make a one-off payment on your bill or change the bill cap amount to a higher amount. If your bill cap is reached and all inclusive minutes, texts and data has been used you will only be able to receive calls and texts unless you increase your bill cap.