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O2 4G SIM Only Deals

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O2 first introduced their new range of 4G SIM only plans at the end of August 2013 and they are committed to achieving a 98% UK coverage rate for 4G as well as improving their 2G and 3G service at the same time so if you already have a mobile phone that is speeds then now might be a good idea to consider taking out a 4G SIM contract from O2.

The 4G service from O2 means that data should be transmitted around 5 times faster than it would over the 3G network. This means you should be able to download files substantially faster over 4G and streaming services such as listening to music or watching online TV should be much more reliable.

This is only a limited roll out of 4G by O2 at the moment, with London, Leeds and Bradford currently able to receive a 4G signal but the coverage will increase quickly in time. Check this page for details of which towns and cities are scheduled to get 4G next (there are 10 more cities scheduled to get 4G by the end of 2013 which include Birmingham, Coventry, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield).

What phones work on O2 4G?

For a full list of the phones that will be able to use 4G on O2 click on this link.

If you have an HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy SIII 4G, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Z10, Sony Xperia Z, and many of the Nokia Lumia range of phones you will be able to get full 4G in the 4G supported locations.

4G SIM Only Deals from O2

Take a look at the current 4G SIM plans on offer from O2 in our comparison table below –

Network Operator Package Name Contract Duration Included Minutes Included Texts Added Extras Monthly Cost More Info
O2 O2 Simplicity £18.00 12 months Unlimited Unlimited 12GB of 4G data + free O2 WiFi £18.00 see deal
O2 O2 Simplicity £20.00 12 months Unlimited Unlimited 18GB of 4G data, free O2 WiFi & 6 mths free Netflix £20.00 see deal
O2 O2 Simplicity £25.00 12 months Unlimited Unlimited 25GB of 4G data, free O2 WiFi & 6 mths free Netflix £25.00 see deal
O2 O2 Simplicity £30.00 12 months Unlimited Unlimited 40GB of 4G data, free O2 WiFi & 6 mths free Netflix £30.00 see deal

Why take out an O2 4G SIM contract?

In simple terms, if you are located in one of the cities that is part of the 4G roll out you will be getting mobile transfer speeds that are among the fastest available in the UK. This means you will be able to view web pages, download emails, stream media quickly over a mobile signal.

All 4G SIM only plans from O2 come with unlimited free minutes and unlimited free texts as standard. There are also generous data download limits so you can take advantage of the swift 4G transfer speeds.

As part of the launch of O2 4G the network is offering bonus free data packages which means until the end of October 2013, you will get 8GB of data for the price of 5GB, or 5Gb for the price of 3GB – this will be available for the entire contract so there is a definite incentive to sign up for a 4G deal early.

O2 are known for their freebies with mobile contracts and with 4G contracts this is no different. They are three main freebies they are –

  • O2 Tracks – 4G contracts get a free subscription to O2 tracks for 12 months. O2 tracks lets you download the Official Top 40 songs to your mobile so you can take your music anywhere and not have to worry about data charges because the songs are not being streamed – they are downloaded to your mobile.
  • Priority Sports – This freebie provides you with video content from sports stars to do with fitness, training, behind the scenes are large sporting events, documentaries, interviews and even music playlists.
  • O2 Games – O2 offer free multiplayer games with no data charges so you can challenge your mates to regular gaming sessions. This is due to a deal with the game developer Gameloft so check out the current games that are part of this offer.

If you aren’t happy with the 4G contract, O2 offer a Happiness Guarantee. This means that if you aren’t 100% happy with the contract within 90 days of taking it out you can have it transferred to a 3G tariff and also receive a credit on your bill of £15!. This represents a great deal and the opportunity to try out 4G with the option of choosing a different plan if you aren’t satisfied.

O2 4G FAQ’s

If you have a question about the 4G service from O2 have a look at some of the frequently asked questions below.

What coverage does the O2 4G service offer?

Currently there is a limited roll out of 4G to just 3 cities, London, Bradford and Leeds but this is due to jump to 10 cities by the end of 2013. You can also use the online O2 4G signal availability check here.

Do I need to have a particular phone to get 4G?

Yes, most new smartphones now have 4G capability built in as standard but to make sure that your phone is capable of 4G speeds you should check the 4G compatible phones page here.

Can I get a 4G mobile phone contract?

Yes, if you do not have a mobile phone that is capable of 4G speeds but you want to take advantage of blazing fast data transfer you can take out an O2 mobile phone contract that will include a 4G capable phone on a 4G tariff. Have a look at the latest O2 4G mobile phone contracts.

Can I change my mind?

Yes you can. O2 offer a Happiness Guarantee which means you can switch from a 4G contract to a 3G contract within 90 days if you are unhappy with the 4G contract. In addition you will get a £15 credit on your next bill from O2 for the inconvenience caused.

How will I know when 4G comes to a town or city near me?

Check this dedicated O2 4G page and we will provide updates on when and where 4G is due next from O2.