Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Virgin SIM Only

Virgin MobileAll of the pay monthly SIM only deals on offer from the Virgin mobile network have been compared and we have collated the results into a comparison table below for your convenience. Each of the SIM only contract deals as featured on can be purchased online via the Virgin mobile shop and they have a very wide range of SIM only packages ranging from just £7 per month to over £20 per month.

There is such a wide range of SIM only options at Virgin that you are guaranteed to find a tariff to suit you. Virgin offer a particularly popular SIM only plan for £13 per month which features 5,000 free minutes, unlimited texts and 15GB of data allowance. If you need that bit more data allowance, for £7 extra per month you can get 50GB data allowance per month along with 5,000 free minutes and unlimited texts.

When taking out a SIM only contract you should compare the level of free minutes and free texts that are offered as well as any special offers such as unlimited internet. The SIM card itself is supplied free, but you will need to pay a monthly set fee based on the type of SIM only deal you select. The more you pay, the more free minutes and free texts will be included in your package.

Remember, the SIM cards used by Virgin Mobile fit any smartphone model or make!


If you require that little bit of extra flexibility a 30 day rolling contract from Virgin Mobile would be a good option as that way you are not tied into the contract.

Network Operator Package Name Contract Duration Included Minutes Included Texts Added Extras Monthly Cost More Info
Virgin Mobile Virgin SIM Only 4GB 12 months 5000 Unlimited 4GB of 4G data allowance free £9.00 see deal
Virgin Mobile Virgin SIM Only 15GB 12 months 5000 Unlimited 15GB 4G data allowance free £13.00 see deal
Virgin Mobile Virgin SIM Only 50GB 12 months 5000 Unlimited 50GB 4G data allowance free £20.00 see deal

Virgin SIM only benefits

There are no setup fees for Virgin SIM only contracts.

Virgin Mobile uses the EE network to power their service so mobile coverage on Virgin is very high – 98% coverage in the UK.

Virgin SIM only deals offer the flexibility of a 30 day rolling contract so that you are not tied into a lengthy 12 or 24 month contract.

You can change your tariff each month if you want to with no penalties for increased flexibility.

Virgin mobile SIM only contracts start at just £7 per month.

You can continue to use your existing phone with a Virgin SIM only contract. If your phone was on a previous network you may have to have the phone unlocked, however, this is easy to do and simply involves the input of an alpha-numeric code into your handset to unlock it (you may have to pay a small charge to have your phone unlocked but this is usually only £10 or so).