Friday, July 12, 2024

How to Switch To A SIM Only Mobile Phone Contract

Why Switch Mobile Phone Networks?

If you have been using a mobile phone on the same contract or package for several months it is almost certain that you would be able to find a better value contract than the one you are currently on. Mobile phone networks are constantly releasing and adding value to existing tariffs as the market is so competitive so if you shop around there is a very strong possibility that you will find an equivalent plan that matches your current contract but is cheaper, or you will find a plan that cost the same as your current contract but you will receive more benefits such as free minutes, free texts or free Internet access.

Check Your Current Mobile Phone Usage

Before you begin searching for new mobile phone contracts it is important that you evaluate exactly what it is you want from a new mobile tariff. There are a few points that you should consider to help determine what it is that you actually need from a mobile phone plan. By addressing the following points you will work out what is and what isn’t important when considering a new contract –

  • Do you want to downscale your contract so that you can get the cheapest contract possible to save the most money?
  • Is there a preferred network that you would like to use from the major providers, Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Orange, 3 or Virgin Mobile?
  • Are your friends and family all on the same network? If so, there are often deals which allow for free calls from network to network.
  • Is there anything lacking from your current mobile phone contract such as inclusive texts, free minutes, or free Internet?
  • Will you be using your voicemail much? If you do use voicemail, look for deals where voicemail retrieval is cheap or better still free of charge.
  • Do you use all the inclusive minutes or texts in your current deal? If you don’t you could downscale, if you do you could look at higher use tariffs.
  • Is your mobile phone used mostly in off-peak or peak times?
  • Do you want to be tied into a 1 month, 12 month, or 18 month mobile phone contract?
  • Do you own your own phone? If you do, then look at SIM only deals as they represent the best value mobile phone tariffs currently on the market.
  • Do you want to keep your old mobile number?
  • Are you currently in a mobile phone contract? If so you will need to allow the contract to run its course and unlock the phone if you are moving provider.


Search for the Best Phone Contracts That Match Your Needs

Once you have decided what is and what isn’t important to you when looking for a new phone contract you can actually start the hunt for the best phone contracts. If you have your own phone you will almost certainly be looking at SIM only contracts. At SIM Only Deals we show all of the best buy SIM only contracts split by network, price or features so if there is a particular aspect of a phone contract that you would like to focus upon such as free minutes, free Internet, price or network, you can easily see the best SIM only deals for your chosen criteria.

Apply For a New SIM Only Contract Before Your Existing Contract Ends

If you want to keep your existing mobile number it is extremely important that you apply for your new SIM only deal before your existing mobile phone contract runs out. The reason for this is that a network will be able to transfer your number to a new network whilst you are in contract, however, if your contract has ended you will not be able to migrate the old number to a new network because your old network will have deactivated the phone number. If you are in contract currently and wish to move to a new network and a better tariff you should either pay out the remainder of your contract with your current network and inform them that you are going to move to a new network and wish to take your mobile number with you, or if you are nearing the end of your contract make sure you give your contractual notice (usually 1 month notice) to your provider and begin migration steps during the final month of your contract.

Switching Mobile Phone Networks

Now that you have taken out a new SIM only contract and your old provider has been informed that you are moving away to a new network you will need to migrate your mobile number from your old network to your new network. To do this you will need to ask your old network for your nine digit Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) which will then need to be given to your new network provider. You should note that a PAC number is only valid for 30 days so the transfer will need to have completed within that timeframe so don’t delay making the move away from your old network once you are in receipt of your PAC number. You will then be given a date on which the number will transfer across and you will receive your new SIM card from your new network (this should be within 5 days). Remember that your old contract should still be in place during the transition period otherwise the mobile number will become deactivated and you won’t be able to switch the same number to the new network.