Friday, July 12, 2024

O2 30 Day Simplicity SIM Only Deals

O2 MobileO2 offer a range of 30 day rolling contract SIM only deals starting at just £12.00 as part of their Simplicity range of SIM contracts (currently on sale). If you are happy with your current phone and don’t want to commit to a long term contract then a 30 day Simplicity SIM would be a great option. O2 offer a range of plans to suit your needs – whether you require extra talk minutes or more data, there is sure to be a SIM contract for you (all O2 SIM plans come with free unlimited text messaging).

All of the O2 SIM only offer mobile tethering as standard free of charge. Many other networks charge extra for this but O2 offer this for free. If you have other Internet capable devices you will be able to share your Internet access allowance from your SIM plan with your other devices.

See our comparison table below for the latest O2 Simplicity 30 day SIM only deals. We recommend that users of smartphones, BlackBerry phones, HTC, iPhones or Android powered mobiles should opt for a plan that includes higher levels of free data allowance so you do not go over your allocated data allowance and incur extra data transfer charges.

Network Operator Package Name Contract Duration Included Minutes Included Texts Added Extras Monthly Cost More Info
O2 O2 Simplicity £14.00 30 days 500 500 250MB of 4G data + free O2 WiFi £14.00 see deal
O2 O2 Simplicity £16.00 30 days 500 Unlimited 500MB of 4G data + free O2 WiFi £16.00 see deal
O2 O2 Simplicity £18.00 30 days 500 Unlimited 1GB of 4G data + free O2 WiFi £18.00 see deal

* Note that tethering is allowed on the data allowance on O2 sim only contracts

Benefits of a 30 day SIM only deal from O2

You will be able to keep your mobile phone number if you are moving from another mobile phone network.

30 day rolling contracts give you the flexibility of cancelling the contract by giving only 30 days notice.

O2 provide free unlimited WiFI on selected plans.

14 day return guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

SIM only contract orders placed before 4pm will be delivered free of charge the next day (unless there are special circumstances).

There are no setup charges when taking out a SIM only contract from O2.

You get free voicemail and itemised online billing.