Wednesday, July 6, 2022

T-Mobile SIM Only Review

T-MobileT-Mobile offers amongst the most user friendly forms of SIM only contracts on the market today thanks to its flexible booster offering which is essentially a free add-on to your regular SIM only contract that you can select based on your personal preferences and which can be changed on a month to month basis to match your changing circumstances. Their flexible extra deals work in the same way as the flexible boosters but are offered on a paid basis.

You can choose one of the following flexible booster options –

Inclusive Flexible Unlimited Text Booster

This gives you unlimited texts to UK mobile phones.

Inclusive Flexible Internet Booster

The flexible Internet booster gives you free Internet on your phone. T-Mobile specifies that there are fair use policies applicable, but according to their Terms and Conditions, the fair use is a very reasonable 1GB allowance per month.

Inclusive Flexible Unlimited Landline Talk Booster

You can make as many calls to landlines in the UK as you like provided that they begin with 01, 02 or 03 and they are not in Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man otherwise you will be charged.

Inclusive Flexible Unlimited T-Mobile Talk Booster

This allows unlimited calls to other UK users also on the T-Mobile network.

Inclusive Flexible Euro Talk and Text Booster

You can make 17 minutes free calls to Europe or receive up to 39 minutes of calls from Europe free of charge or send 68 free texts from Europe.

Inclusive Flexible Europe & Australasia Talk

You can call mobile phones or landlines in Europe and/or Australasia for 60 minutes free of charge.

Inclusive Flexible USA and Canada Talk Booster

You can call mobile phones or landlines in USA and/or Canada for 120 minutes free of charge.

Extra Flexible Boosters

If you require more than one flexible booster you are able to add extra flexible boosters to your SIM only package (in addition to your initial free flexible booster) at £5 per extra flexible booster.

Charges outside the free minutes schedule for T-Mobile are –


Standard calls outside of any inclusive free calls are charged at 30p per minute.
Calls to numbers starting with 0843, 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871, 0872 are charged at 40p per minute.
Calls to 0808, 0800 numbers are from free to 40p per minute.
Calls to 0500 numbers are charged at 10p per minute.
Calls to 070 numbers are charged from 25p to 75p a minute

Text Messaging

Charged at 12p per text

Picture Messaging

Charge is 20p per picture message text


Charged at 12p per minute

Mobile Internet

If you exceed your inclusive mobile Internet allowance you can be charged up to £1 per day maximum.

Overall Review

For a low cost SIM only tariff packed with free add-ons, T-Mobile is difficult to beat. A stand out tariff is the £15 SIM only plan which offers a 30 day rolling contract, 350 minutes of inclusive free minutes, 300 free texts and your choice of free flexible booster which could include one of a range options such as free Internet, free international calls, unlimited free texts, or unlimited landline or T-Mobile to T-Mobile calls. To get a package for just £15 per month on such a short contract length is unbeatable value.

At the upper end on of the scale if you are prepared to commit to a 12 month contract, for £25 per month you can get 1200 free minutes and 500 texts along with your choice of free flexible booster.

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